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I am ready to respond to questions about golf putting on sloping greens. This means green reading, putting lines and all other aspects related to breaking putts.

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Breaking putts grabbed my attention several years ago and I decided to carefully study the subject. There was no structured knowledge about it and I had to do lots of observation and experimenting. The final result of all that work was my ebook Golf Putting Lines. Several articles and a free ebook came later and some more are in the pipeline.


All top article directories published some or all of my articles. In my site there is a link to a non extensive list of article directories, blogs and other sites that published my articles (over 150).


I am a retired engineer with a MBA.

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Recent Answers from Marcel White

2012-09-11 rake in a bunker:

The general ruling when a ball has to be placed and doesnít stay on the spot is to try again and again till we find a new spot as near as possible of the original, but not nearer the hole. I believe we

2012-09-10 rake in a bunker:

Mark the ball and remove the rake. If the ball moves it must be replaced and there is no penalty. See Rule 24-1 for further details.    Marcel White

2012-05-08 Tow Hits:

Hi Jerry,    Sorry for being late but I've been out (holiday time).    This is just an opinion, not any kind of advice. I agree that toe hits can be related to pulling the putter during down swing. But

2012-03-27 Wobbly putter head:

Hi Bud,    Sorry for taking more time than usual but Iíve been out of office this week.    Iíll deliver a tip to help you get a smooth straight movement but before Iíll mention 2 things you referred that

2012-03-24 marking ball off the green:

Hi Abbe Ritchie,     Iím not a Golf Rules expert. So, this is not advice, just an opinion.   Rules 20, 21 and 22 are about this topic.   First, you only can lift the ball if you are asked to do


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