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I am a PGA golf professional specializing in teaching the game.

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I played collegiately at Arizona State University, then turned professional in 1981. I became the shortest player to ever play in the United States Open at Oakmont Country Club in Pittsburgh & missed my PGA Tour card by 2 shots in 1986 at PGA West, La Quinta, California. I have been teaching for 26 years in Phoenix, Arizona & I am currently the Director of Instruction at the Vistal Club in Phoenix and owner of Victory Golfworks.

Business Administration, Arizona State University. PGA Business School I - 1986, PGA Business School II - 1992, PGA Advanced Business School III - 1995. Certified PING Clubfitter - 1999. PGA Teaching & Clubfitting Seminar - 1992. Numerous Southwest Section PGA educational seminars.

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Germain 05/09/16101010Wow, thank you so very much for .....
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jonathan06/05/14101010Thank you Eddie! I will give it .....
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Recent Answers from Eddie Kilthau

2016-05-05 Driver - push fade:

Germain:    Common problem.  Let's forget about your hips and pay attention to the club and what it is doing to cause your ball to push and/or fade-slice.      In one sentence, your path is coming into

2014-11-21 Left to Right?:

Hey Barry:    I think it's a great idea.  Why not try to see how you "see" things, how it feels, and if it might make sense to do it.  I like your plan of a few clubs at a store and a few sessions at the

2014-06-18 Hook, pull hook, drop kick or push:

Hi Trey:  Wow, you've received a lot of information on how to go about fixing this!  Let me break it down for you as I see it from your comments:  First, focus on pointing the butt of the club towards

2014-06-04 Golf Swing- Ball flight to right:

Jonathan:    Simple, your coming into the ball too much from the inside.  If you are hitting the shot pretty solid, not spinning it (square face) and divot is in front, then the path of the club must be

2013-09-11 Low Launch Angle:

Germain:  First suggestion, get all your equipment checked by someone who knows what they are doing.  In today's world of technology, there is no reason to hit it that low with every club.  I would suggest


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