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I can answer any questions related to the science or mathematics of golf which covers pretty well the whole game.

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I am a physics/math teacher and 1 handicap and have a site dedicated to the subject called


B.C. Association of Physics Teachers

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The forever quest to get better at playing the game of golf.

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Recent Answers from Ken Tannar

2016-05-05 Driver - push fade:

Hi Germain,    Firstly, given your swing speed, you could probably get more distance with more loft, such as a 2 wood or 3 wood instead of a standard 10 deg driver. More loft will reduce your fade.  Secondly

2015-05-03 ? Penalty:

Hi Gordi,    The player receives a penalty of 1 stroke and must replace the ball according to Rule 18:!rule-18    Since the player did not intend on

2014-03-30 Difference in baffler 4 hybreds:

Hi Jerry,    There is no one standard for what manufacturers label different loft clubs.  The difference in distance is much more greatly effected by loft than by the length of the club. The 4 degree lower

2013-09-11 Low flight path:

Hi Germain,    Firstly, launch angle is very difficult to judge, compared to the maximum height reached. The result of a low launch angle is low maximum height. So, from what you've said, I'll assume that

2013-09-05 Golf balls:

Hi Germain,    A lower compression ball will likely not make a significant difference in distance but it will feel more like the "summer" high compression ball. A high compression ball will feel harder


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