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PGA Golf Professional willing to discuss your problems and offer suggestions. Particularly those golfers experiencing pain either during or after a round. Prior Head Instructor: Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation Winner: 1996 Naional Senior Club Professional Championship

Experience in the area

PGA Member since 1982 Winner 1996 Senior Club Professional Championship Former Head Instructor- Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation Will compete in the PGA Seniors Championship and the National Club Professional Championshi this year.

What do you like about this subject?

Love competition and helping golfers improve.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Hoping for a successful career in Senior Golf

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Ld03/23/17101010Very good and helpful response....and very .....
bud05/24/16101010Great advice thanks again John!
bud05/23/16101010Awesome! Thanks John
Chuck01/29/16101010I really appreciate the helpful advice and .....

Recent Answers from John Brott

2017-03-22 Set up:

Hello LD:  Many great players have little quirks to start their swings.  What happens as a result is the important question.  If you can tell, notice where your weight ends up in the back swing.  It should

2017-03-18 Struggling with iron play:

Hi Mike.  Thanks for your question.  I'll need some more information before I can venture an answer.  Namely,  1.  Before you changed your grip, what was your ball flight?  2.  Did the ball tend to go

2016-08-06 Ball Drop:

Hi Rick:  If what you mean by O.B. is out of bounds, you only have one option and that is to return to the spot you hit that shot from and play another, adding a 1 shot penalty.    If the original was

2016-05-23 Now to putting?:

Hi again Bud. Glad things went well at the range.  Putting can be a real chore but there are a few basics you'll want to employ.     1.  Stand so that your eyes are directly over the putting line.   2

2016-05-23 Wheels fall off:

Bud:  What you describe happens to all who play golf.  Starting the round hitting the ball pretty good, then something changes.  I think this can be caused partly by technique and partly mental.  I'll


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