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I can answer many things about professional wrestling and what I don't know I can usually track down or else account for. Promotions, wrestlers if they arem't too obscure, wrestling schools, finishers, wrestling history, title histories, etc... I can track down where you can find wrestling videos too, but I will not help anyone infringe copyright. I specialise in professional wrestling schools as well as promotion, both the creative side and most elements of the busineess side. I can track down information about most promotions. I am always expanding my knowledge of pro wrestling and will consider every question seriously.

Experience in the area

I've been a fan of professional wrestling since 2001. Thanks to my work here, I have gained experience on the creative side of things, particularly in the answers to the questions from various independent wrestlers and promotions. I've helped to develop gimmicks and costumes, name wrestlers and their moves, devise finishing moves as well as help out with theme music and occasionally entrances. I am currently inactive at Bleacher Report, but may resume writing tehre in the future. My 'Raisha Saeed Needs to Take Off Her Clothes' article appeared on Cheerleader Melissa's Twitter and played a role in the development of Alissa Flash, a true honour. I am a regular columnist and contributor for The Wrestling Daily, as part of a select group. The Wrestling Daily is a new and rising site with a stellar cast of writers and covers wrestling from around the world. You can visit the site at My pro wrestling writing, due to time constraints, is currently restricted to what I write there right now. You can read my column, the Wide World of Wrestling, there, as well as other pieces from myself and the other writers.


Bleacher Report (B/R)- Currently Inactive, The Wrestling Daily (TWD)


Australian Bar Review, Bleacher Report, The Wrestling Daily


Currently in High School.

Awards and Honors

Winner of 2007 (Inaugral) Francis Forbes' Society for Australian Legal History School Essay Competition. State Finalist, National History Challenge 2008.

Past/Present Clients

Deadly Wrestling Alliance, plus some promotion featuring a lot of supernatural characters. They never told me their name. A number of independent wrestlers and promoters. Because that previous sentence is a little awkward, if two or more people or organisations of a greater degree of fame turns up- or previous questioners become famous, they'll just be listed instead.

What do you like about this subject?

I like how professional wrestling is entertaining and is something where we can see things and feel things in a way conventional combat sports or any other sport for that matter, cannot do.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to be able to help the business. I would absolutely love to help anyone in or hoping to be in the business. I cannot help with business decisions if policies disallow it. If you wish to in hire me in some capacity, you can send me a private question. I ultimately would love to be a promoter and help bring wrestling to a new golden age. Time will tell if this ever comes about.

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