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Anything regarding TNA, WWE, ROH, ECW, WCW, NWA, Japanese wrestling, mexican wrestling. If you want to know anything regarding news/rumors going on, I know what is true and false. I may be young, but believe me, I know what I am talking about. I feel I am know the wrestling scene as good as anyone out there today. And when you want to know something, you can rest assured coming to me will not disappoint you.

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I have been writing about and watching wrestling for 16 years now. Ever since I knew what it was, I loved it. The molding of athletics and entertainment was just so interesting to me. As I said, I know about NWA, TNA, WWE, WCW, ROH, ECW, you name it, I probably know something about it.




High School grad (2008) College student, TV Broadcasting

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Steroids are not nearly as rampant because of the Wellness Policy. I feel the New generation of wrestling is legit now. Drugs are not as much of an issue any more as they were in the 90s and before that. We need to realize this people. I say GO New Generation! You are showing what people need to see to clear up wrestling's past.

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