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I'm best at 1970's-1980's questons. I'm better with NWA-WCW-Mid Atlantic wrestling but know some about all the major feds of the time. DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO BEC0ME A WRESTLER.

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Watched alot of Wrestling and collected wrestling magazines which I read cover to cover, from around 1975 to 1985


High School Grad

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2015-11-22 wrestling:

Play whatever sports you can and eat the correct foods to stay in good health. Try to take some acting classes or at least act in plays on a local level. Try to go to local wrestling shows and befriend

2015-05-26 Magazines:

The best thing I can tell you is to look on Ebay and see if anyone is selling some you have. And see what they sell for not just what is being asked for. You could also see if any wrestling conventions

2013-06-16 popularity:

I think there could be more popular wrestlers than Hogan IF wrestling regains more fans. Most of the people I know don't watch it more than once or twice a month or so. Hogan was a combination of the quick

2012-12-04 hello:

You should be involved in sports even if your school does not offer wrestling. You need to be in good shape and to learn about nutrition and what works for you. You should also try to join the debate team

2011-03-23 Am I........:

Actually getting into wrestling in middle or high school will help you, so you should consider it. You should probably play some kind of sport or sports in school to help build your body up. Also take


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