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I have a fairly extensive knowledge of English Football. I attended my first game in 1967 and have been to hundreds since. My particular areas of interest are the history of the game, statistics, records, trivia and stadium information.

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Over 40 years of watching and reading about the game.


Nothing football related.

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Alice01/07/14101010Thank you for the prompt response! Validation .....
RICHARD08/19/13Thank you Mark. I posed this question .....
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chirag06/24/12101010thanx for the information
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Recent Answers from Mark Smith

2014-01-05 Is this person really a recruiter?:

Hi Alice,    He may be an independent recruiter / agent but I would guess this is a scam - don't give this person any money.    All FIFA approved agents are listed here:

2013-11-10 how many cities are represented in the bpl:

Hi Ben,    I assume by BPL you mean Barclays Premier League. In which case I make it 12.     This breaks down as follows:    London (6) - Arsenal. Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Tottenham, West Ham

2013-08-06 Substitutes:

Hi Richard,    There is nothing to stop a manager putting reserve or youth team players on the bench. They could use the tea boy as long as they registered him as a player for the applicable competition

2013-03-18 Scam:

Ozzy,    This is definitely a scam.    Do not give this person any money and tell them you have contacted your local police and complained to FIFA about them. They'll probably ask for money for insurance/medical

2013-03-08 LOLz:

That's a tough one.    Your calm manner might give you the edge. He's quite short-tempered and violent and would probably get a red card at some point during the game. Plus, you're excellent on crosses


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