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I specialize in various forms of depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and also stress, phobias, life changes, grief, women's issues, men's issues, etc. My licenses are: Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor -Supervisor(LPCC-S) and Licensed Professional Chemical Dependency Counselor (LICDC) in the state of Ohio and a National Certified Counselor (NCC).

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12 years experience counseling substance abusers, families of alcoholics/drug addictions, and those with codependency issues. I also specialize in social phobia; stress; anxieties; women`s issues; grief and adjustments to life changes. Some therapeutic techniques used are: CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behaviorial Therapy)REBT (Rational Emotive), SFT (Solution Focused) and 12-Step, etc. If you live in the Cleveland area, you can contact me at my office for an appointment at: 440-349-4521. I am on various insurance panels and EAP programs.




Ph.D. In counseling MA In Counseling BS In Psychology

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2014-05-09 Stress/phobia about blood draws:

Hi Art,    You can use an ice cube on the area to numb right before the needle goes in.In fact, the first time the coldness of the cube is on your arm, it may feel worse than the needle. But, psychologically

2013-10-25 I'm now afraid to go near cars when they are moving:

Hi Kal,    Sounds like you have developed a fear from that one incident.      I suggest you see a counselor for a few sessions.  The counselor needs to be  experienced in decreasing fears and anxieties

2012-08-13 stress and worry:

Hi Ellie,  Take another pregnancy test and also go see a physician so you will know for sure if you are pregnant or something else is going on.    I have never heard of stress causing one's stomach to

2011-10-21 Stress and exhaustion:

Hi Jamie:    You do have a very stressful job.    It sounds like your stress may be causing the tiredness in the afternoons or vice-verse. The thoughts that I come up with are:    Is their time to take

2011-10-09 My Dad:

Hi Coleen,    Your dad is an alcoholic.  Alcoholics can go on and off drinking. Even stop for a year or two or three just to convince themselves they are not alcoholic. So, then they drink again and fall


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