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Stress is the result of an inner conflict or a conflict between you and the world around you. I deal with relationships (marriage, divorce, teams in business), parenting, money issues, bereavement, conflict, and major life events (serious illness, redundancy).

Experience in the area

Trained as psychologist, highly intuitive. Uses a unique and holistic approach that focuses on removing physical and emotional pain.


Published various academic textbooks as author, co-author and editor. Published ten books on Kindle, all also available as hard copies, and eight of them available on Audible as audio-books.


Master's Degree in Industrial psychology, Master's Degree in Business Administration

Past/Present Clients

Businesses with change management, conflict management, communication and teamwork. Individuals with divorce, relationship issues, career crises, personal growth, money issues, mid-life crises.

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2017-02-28 EARLY BIRD:

Hi Cameron    My apologies for the delayed response.  The website on which you submitted the question was malfunctioning.    I am not aware of any statistics around making appointments and preferred times

2016-10-20 At The End of My Rope:

Hi Dwayne    My apologies for the late response.  There is an issue with the AllExperts website and they are not fixing it.    I understand your frustration and your need to find approval with your dad

2016-07-16 How to stop making everything all about me:

Hi Kim    Firstly I want to offer my apologies for the late response.  This website occasionally malfunctions and I did not get a notification of your question.    You are so lucky to have a caring friend

2015-08-28 stress:

Hi Amber    It sounds like your body is telling you that you are either in the wrong job working too hard.    If it is at all possible, take some time off to relax and rest.      Then either go back to

2015-08-09 Physical Stress:

Hi Natasha    You should only have one focus now, and that is to make a success of your studies.  You have an opportunity and the ability, and being a student will give you more confidence than you can


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