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Basic questions about time management, and the use of Day Timers paper and Sharp/Palm eletronic devices in time management.

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Day Timers, Sharp OZ, and Palm (Handspring) organizational devices.

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Recent Answers from Kenneth Renshaw

2016-02-17 Help:

Hi, thanks for writing. 1. take a chapter about every 3 days.  Read it, and do any exercises in the chapter.  If you don't understand anything, ask your teacher before moving on.  2. Underline or take

2015-11-16 Grade 7 (high school) next year:

Hi, Lara, thanks for writing.  Here are a few suggestions: 1. if you can, do your homework as soon as possible-if it is something unpleasant, it helps to get it done as soon as possible. 2. give yourself

2015-08-16 Effictive time management:

Hi, Ali, thanks for writing!  1. write a list of goals for your life, such as treat a particular ailment, get married, get a college degree, etc.  Break them down into steps, if possible.  Base a lot of

2015-07-28 Managing Time:

Hi, Brooke, thanks for writing.  1. have a quiet area where you can study without noise or interruptions.  2. set aside the amount of time you need for studying, and let everyone know not to interrupt

2015-07-16 time management:

Hi, Amy, thanks for writing.  To make the most of our time (all of us have the same amount each day!), 1. make a list of long-term and lifetime goals. 2. make a list of what you want to do on a short term-this


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