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I can answer questions in regard to quality control and manufacturing in Asia, social compliance and factory auditing in Asia, buying product from China, consumer product lab testing and benchmarking, dealing with Chinese suppliers, business travel in China and sourcing products internationally.

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I have over 7 years experience in quality control and buying from Asia. I have worked as a product inspector, factory auditor, China consultant and buying office manager (Shenzhen) throughout China, and also in New York. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese and have lived in China for over 5 years. I am the author of QualityWars (, a well-known blog on quality control in China. I am the founder and general manager of InTouch Services (, a China-based company that provides solutions to quality and overseas manufacturing issues through product inspection and other related quality control services.


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Shanghai NORMAL University, 03 Intensive Mandarin Chinese Program SUNY Binghamton University, 02, B.S. Management

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