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I can answer general business questions on dealing with Chinese suppliers and customers. I can also answer questions about project management, human resources and general marketing. Areas include automotive, import-export, hydro-power, injection molding, quality, not for profit/NGO and others.

Experience in the area

I first came to China in 1996 to set up a joint venture purchasing department. I returned in 2004 to work for a not for profit unit of UNIDO promoting hydro-power. Since then I have built one injection molded plastics factory as the project manager and source hydro-power generation equipment. I have also been involved in transfer of technology from the USA to China, from the USA/Germany to Mexico, USA to Japan. I managed the quality aspects (customers, suppliers, manufacturing, engineering)of starting up several production/manufacturing lines in a new auto component factory in Mexico. My 22 years of industry experience includes customer management, quality management, account management, program management, purchasing localization, supplier development, new factory start up, new product luanch, etc.


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B.S. in Business Management A.S. in General Technology

Past/Present Clients

A major US disposable container manufacturer An independent Canadian electric power provider

What do you like about this subject?

China is changing at the speed of light, there is no "one" answer to a question. Sites like this give you the opportunity to hear a few of the different answers you may receive in China.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

My hope here is to help Western and Chinese companies deal with each other in a more "win-win" fashion. Also, helping you, helps me broaden my knowledge. Thanks.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

If you're going to do sourcing in China, you absolutely must have someone on the ground in China representing you. You're not ordering from the Sears catalog here. Most Chinese suppliers take no responsibility for any aspects of quality, including timing, terms and price.

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