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I'm an Indian who lives in India and I'm NOT a travel agent. I can specifically tell you what precautions you should take while travelling in India. for example, In Gujarat State of India, Liquor is prohibited except a very few licenced hotels. In Goa recently 2 teenagers were raped and police hasn't got anyone convicted. In many places, people pose as 'guides' but instead they drug and loot the travellers. There are laws that prohibit kissing and hugging in public places between opposite sexes. In many places, shopkeeper and hotel people charge double money to Foreigners (you see 1$ = 50 Rs. so when guy says 4$ for something you'll think wow its cheap but in reality he sells the same thing for 50 cents to a native Indian person and cheats you cause you don't know the real price.) The Kasmir and some north Indian states, and in Eastern states of india suffer from terrorism, maoist rebels and seperatist insurgents. If you wander around in hostile places you might get in run in to Trouble. as I said ago, I'm not a travel agent, all I can tell you is how you should behave and what precautions you should take while travelling in India.

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I'm not a travel agent, but being an Indian who follows every news and current affairs around India, I can tell you how you should behave and what precautions you should take,while travelling in India.



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2014-04-25 Question:

Good morning Christina,  Apologies for the late reply, I couldnot check the mail for a few days.  The answer is both yes and no    yes, everyone loves cricket- in Northern and Western states of India.

2013-11-28 Unmarried Indian women:

sorry this whole email alert setting went out of my notice.  to answer the question- in general what has improved in India since 2001  - internet/ mobile/ ATM network improved.   - security little better

2013-11-27 Unmarried Indian women:

In USA, you've a 'bible belt' states with conservative mindset. on the other opposite hand you've California.  Similarly India too is made of many regions with their own culture and custom.  With penetration

2013-11-18 Unmarried Indian women:

what you've said is correct but only in the rural parts and small towns of India. Otherwise in big metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Banglore - things have changed- Unmarried women in the middle

2012-04-03 India too modern, too fast? Shopping malls, supermarkets, high tech, drinking, partying, kissing in public? CRAZY!!!:

Sorry for the late reply. I got busy with something and couldn't log into my account.  I think we already had discussed this topic. You're the same lady whose parents are telling her to marry the Bengali


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