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General questions about tourism/travel and life in Japan, including shopping, visa issues, culture-shock, finding accommodations and employment, proper cultural etiquette, and common problems ex-pats in Japan experience. Bachelors Degree in Japanese Culture and Masters Degree in Marketing.

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Eric01/17/171010Thanks for your help.
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2017-03-18 Japan questions:

Hi Geoffrey,  In answer to your questions:  1)The truth is that few Japanese can speak English with ease. In school the goal is rote memorization and passing tests, not learning to communicate. But that

2017-03-05 Nikko and Lake Chuzenji:

Hi,    Honestly, Nikko is a place to spend a full day there - not just a few hours. It will take you close to 2 hours to make it up there and 2 more to return. If your time is limited, you might choose

2016-07-15 What happens when a person walks in a:

Hi,    You'd actually find it pretty difficult to find a place that servers either. Most don't.  At any rate, Japanese foods serve a wide variety of foods, and even for seafood places there is a huge variety

2014-03-04 2 Teen Boys Traveling in Japan:

Hi,   Officially there are places that will require at least one person to be 18, but there are many that don't. You should try to find a place that will allow them in - contact them ahead of time.  There

2014-02-01 Radiation in Fukushima prefecture:

Hi,     It is far more likely that you will get more radiation on the plane trip crossing the Pacific. If that is the closest that you will get to the disaster site, than for a visit it is really not worrying


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