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I can answer questions specifically about Vientiane and Vang Vien, Laos. It is a fascinating country and a hidden gem of Southeast Asia!

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I have backpacked from Thailand to the capital of Laos. From there I made my way up toward Luang Prabang by motorbike via the town of Vang Vien.

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Recent Answers from Al Slagle

2014-08-26 Land crossing between Myanmar and Laos:

Hi Deepti,    Personally, I have not tried crossing into Laos from Myanmar so I cannot speak from personal experience. I have crossed into Laos from the Thai northern border across the Friendship Bridge

2014-01-02 Holiday in Laos:

Hi Vandy!    That sounds fantastic! I'm quite jealous that you'll be visiting SE Asia this year as I currently don't have plans to do so :)    I can only recommend based on my experience and from what

2011-04-06 Laos:

Dear Raffael,    How's it going? I'm glad to hear that you are planning a trip to Laos as it is one of my favorite countries in SE Asia! Let me do my best to help answer your questions.    First, regarding

2009-10-06 travel in laos:

Hi Ned,    I apologize, but to be honest, it has been quite awhile since I've been to Laos.  I can certainly offer up some advice on transportation but, unfortunately, I can't  give you any solid recommendations

2009-03-29 laos:

Dear Berra Maria Teresa,    Sounds like you have a nice trip planned! I'm personally not familiar with that travel agency but I'm sure it will be fine. Also, I have not done a tour in Laos but I have done


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