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I have time for you. The Bible has been my guiding light for most of the 56 years of my life. My missionary parents in Brazil kindled a love for God`s Word by their example and their love for truth. The Lord has blessed my husband and me with responsible, independent children who love and serve the Lord and are our best friends. I would enjoy discussing any subject or problem from a Biblical perspective.

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Our grown children are a delight to us. We've learned many valuable lessons over the years.

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William10/19/12101010Mrs. Lyons, I appreciate your response, it .....

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2016-09-12 job titles confusion:

Thanks for writing.  Listing your interests has probably given you some ideas already.        Your social part of enjoying helping people solve their problems, would make a good customer service representative

2015-07-19 What should I do?:

Hello, again.  The most important information that I have is that all of mankind is lost and needs to rely on the God of the Bible and his Gift to us for the peace required for this life and security forever

2015-07-18 What should I do?:

Hello, Johit.  We have many decisions to make in life as we live here a short time.  If we have made the correct decision about eternity, accepting God as the Creator, and His Son's gift of eternal life

2015-02-15 what can I do ?:

Iím sorry Iím not a professional career counselor.  You seem to have a lot of potential, but perhaps your focus is in the wrong place?  Considering riches and happiness to measure success isnít really

2013-03-27 Purpose and Career:

Thanks for writing, David.  I would suggest trying different volunteer positions.  It would seem that you would be a good fit for numerous charity organizations.  After a time, I would think you might


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