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Using the TO8 system of personality profiling, I can highlight drives and trends in your personality. Depending on how much you want to discuss the issue, I can analyse your position in your Essential Year and make evaluations of your personal needs, your work and your relationships.

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I am the creator of the TO8 system and have had over 20 years experience of profiling people's personality.


you can find material on the TO8 system at or on Facebook at The ebook version of the second edition of my book on the theory, Essential Personalities and why humans found love adapted to monogamy and became better parents, 2012 can be downloaded as an ebook here


B.Sc. Edinburgh University

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I am not an astrologer and do not use old-fashioned horoscopes. I created this sytem more than 17 years ago to try and solve interesting problems in my life and in the lives of my friends. It turned out to work for everyone. It is a unique system, derived from the Natural world and from an idea of how we evolved. It is practical and full of insights. See

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The TO8 is the new form of personality typing for the new age. If you are tired of priests and magicians then try my analysis. Expect to be surprised.

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Vinod01/12/16101010Great advise. Thanks for your time.
Fariha khan12/19/151010106
Mahreen12/03/15101010Thankx ANk really appreciate it

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Hi Ahmed, I've replied to you several times over the years.  Your own self analysis seems quite sufficient for you to find a solution.  I am not a careers advisor, as you probably remember, I talk about

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Hi Archana,    Thanks for your question.  If the date written here is correct, you are 87 years old.  Latitude of Kolar Gold Fields is typically  given as 12˚ 57. For a birth day of 15th November

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2015-12-28 purpose of life:

Hi,    Thanks for your question. Chennai is latitude 13 04 N in the middle of the north tropic zone.  A birth on 24 October 1996 would give you a Major 5 and a Minor 2 (TO8 Day 34).     To begin with one

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Hi Fariha,    Thank you for your question.  You were born at latitude 26.4N 8 Feb 1990.  This gives you a Major 8 and a Minor 4. You are very much aware of yourself and your capabilities and you have strong


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