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Anything about golf, the golf industry. I can also answer general business and employment issue questions. I only request this. Please No Rules Questions. Should you need answers to rules questions please refer to this free website. just copy and paste this link into your browser.

Experience in the area

PGA Professional with over 30 plus years in golf industry
Former General Mgr, Head Professional, Director of Golf, Director of Instruction.
Played professionally on nine different tours, 4 continents.
Have built and assisted design on 3 driving range facilities and redesigned 3 golf courses.


PGA Of America
Professional And Motivational Speaker


American Chronicles E-Zine Articles Numerous different golf publications and newspapers.


PGA Business Schools I / II Certified Club fitter Certified Teacher

Awards and Honors

Past Champion All Pro - All heart Pro-Am Presidents Council on Growth of the Game

What do you like about this subject?

Pretty much everything. It inspires intellectual and intelligent conversations....uhhhhhhhhhh, most of the time.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

OMG I could write a book about this question!!!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

There are some pretty big fish stories out there!

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Robert04/09/16101010Many thanks,obviously there's no definitive answer .....
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Recent Answers from Robb Nunn

2017-01-28 multi-course tournaments:

Hello Tom;    I am would venture to say that over time, there have probably been some, how many and where they were I cannot answer.  My advance apologies for the length of this as there is no quick answer

2016-04-29 Golf Irons:

HI Matthew;    Why of course!  Simple physics says this.  The caveat (look it up) of this is that, at some time or another the weight of the golf club will become to heavy to swing efficiently.    The

2016-04-08 amateur winner:

Hello Robert;    It is a simple answer.    The amateur wins and retains the title and trophy for one year!     No, there would not be a playoff.  1st place is 1st place.    Mickelson won his first tour

2015-10-02 Putting stats:

Hello Paul;    So far as I know, it is determined by the number of players whom have attempted that shot for that tournament.  Though for better clarification,you should probably contact those in charge

2015-03-18 Golf:

Hello;    I will give a brief synopsis and profile.  Some things I will leave open, this will give you a chance to do some homework om your own.    Hmm, a typical 17 year old American golfer.    1. Commitment


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