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I can answer all kind of Hamster questions; including health, behaviour, recommendations and give you advice. I've been having hamsters for so many years and they are such a perfect pet for all those who love such creatures!! Check out The Best Hamster Club which is a fantastic hamster club for all hamster lovers!

I also wrote a hamster book which will help lots of hamster owners with all the hamster advice needed. Check out Hamster Club Guide Book - The Best Hamster Book. Also, do check out our fabulous Hamster Shop with lots of Hamster Gifts including hamster charms, hamster figurines, hamster erasers, hamster shirts and much more!

Feel free to email me anytime on

Experience in the area

Experience: Several years adopting hamsters, running a hamster club in Malta which may be found at this link:

I offer different natural remedies to help hamsters feel better when they are sick. Email me for more information about hamster concerns on


Hamster Club Malta.


Hamster Club Guide Book : ISBN 978-99932-0-721-4 Price: only 4.99! and various articles featured in local newspapers and magazines amongst which: 'The Sunday Times', 'Times of Malta; Junior News', 'The Malta Independent on Sunday', 'The Malta Independent; Crackers Magazine', 'The Malta Independent', 'Phase Magazine', 'Taghna t-Tfal Magazine', 'Vida Magazine', 'L-Orizzont' and 'Il-Mument'. More information may be found here.


Hamster Club Malta - several awards won for writing hamster articles.

Awards and Honors

Pet Shed Award, The Golden Award, Expert Author at Ezine Articles. I also represented 'Hamster Club' on various programmes aired on local radios and TV stations.

Past/Present Clients

Many hamster owners.

What do you like about this subject?

Hamsters are very docile animals and I like helping hamster owners with their questions that's why we created a Hamster Club which hamster owners can send in their questions, hamster photos, read interesting hamster articles, hamster games, products and much more! Check out

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope that I can help other hamster owners; since a hamster is a very nice, intelligent and cute pet. I provide lots of natural remedies for anyone who might seek assistance for his pet hamster especially when a rodent vet is not available.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

A hamster may become so close to its owner and tamed that you will know that it was worth the effort of having a hamster, since a hamster makes you life more cheerful!! :D

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Recent Answers from Nadia Vella

2015-02-21 Growling and Hissing:

Hi Anna,    Yes that is very normal behaviour considering that you only got the hamster just recently. The hamster growling / hamster hissing noise means that the hamster is still afraid of you.    By

2014-07-07 hamster no longer using potty:

Hi Jinene,    Thank you for your question. Well usually the hamster potty is more used for the pee and not for the faeces...Hamsters usually prefer to choose a corner and poop in it and in your case, he

2009-08-30 hamsters eyes:

Hi Catherine,    Thank you for your question.  If your hamster is older than 1 year then it's normal. Also hamster's eyes are naturally 'bulgy' and look big and as they get older this can be quite visable

2009-07-25 Hamster Bites Cage:

Hi    Thank you for your question.      Hamsters need to gnaw. Hamsters have four front incisors, two on the top and two on the bottom that keep growing throughout their lives. Gnawing is necessary to

2009-06-27 Hamsters:

Hi Kailey,    Thank you for your question. Neutering is not possible on hamster due to their small size.  Also Syrian hamsters are solitary which means that if you keep more than one syrian hamster in


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