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I`m a practicing attorney in California and Arizona. I was formerly a director of Rexall Showcase International.

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I've been an independent business owner apart from the law practice since 1988 and believe in the concept of getting in control of your own destiny.


Business degree from the University of New Mexico; Doctorate of Law (JD) degree from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento, CA. Admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit and all courts in Arizona and California.

What do you like about this subject?

Being able to help people set up and be successful in their own home based business that's got a proven track record.

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There are a lot of scams on the net these days. Take a look at my operation as an example. I'll evaluate your business opportunities and give you a fair assessment.

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2012-10-05 Licensing Agreement:

You really need to get legal advice from a local attorney that specializes in such matters.  It sounds like significant dollars are involved and this would not be the time to go cheap.  We can't provide

2012-09-10 Business License:

Such licensing is a local question I can't answer;  however most localities don't much care unless you have a lot of traffic coming & going to a residential area.  I recommend you pay taxes, but that is

2012-04-10 Who should I contact to file a complaint against a neighbor's lawn care company?:

I'd invest in a blower from the hardware store and blow those trimmings right back to the neighbor's yard;  as for not driving on your driveway, what if your car happens to be parked there the day they

2010-12-24 charity or church?:

This is more of a taxation issue and in that regard I would suggest you go to irs dot gov and search for their publications on 503(c)(3) tax exempt/non-profit charities.  Odds are they have a publication

2010-10-19 Consulting Work:

As I understand the california tax laws, the rendition of services is not subject to sales tax.  You do not have to set up an LLC but you might want to if you start making substantial income and talk to


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