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I am able to answer most questions about working from home, Moms working from home while Dad is at work. I am a MSCE to-boot and am able to answer the majority of questions pertaining to Home & Small Business.

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I am an expert in the area of the Home Business Entrepreneurs, detergent manufacturing and ISO 9000/1/2 consulting. I have been in the direct sales business for over forty years. CEO for Twenty four of those years


Past Master of Master Photographers Association(Founder Member) London UK Founding Member of The British Photographers Association Toastmasters Past Chairman (Flying I)


Published author of “Chicken Soup for Starters”


MSCE. City & Guilds, College of Engineering, Kilmarnock, Scotland, UK 1963 Certificate: Electronic Engineering Member of The British Photographers Association Pilot’s License CAA (#29743A)

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Civil Aviation Authority London UK. Biodegradable Technology Scotland Digital Services Scotland. NEC Ltd Scotland Safeway UK Timex Corp Haliburton Oil Over 40 City and County administrations

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Henry12/02/10101010Thank you so much for helping me .....

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2012-01-15 Home Bakery:

Kevin    Thanks for requesting information. I do not know the local government rules for Newfoundland and Labrador. Having operated businesses in the UK. The biggest hurdle is "will you have to register

2011-09-30 Home Business Question:

Tax Id is usually obtained from your state tax collection dept. (in CA it's called the board of equalization# go to the NY state web site. This department will tell you if you have to collect taxes. It

2011-06-24 starting home dog treat business:

I reply to your questions Firstly.    Your trading name : there will be a State department dealing with trading names, here is Ca, it is the Board of Equalization. You will be able to search on the State

2011-03-23 Home based business:

This sounds like a lot of commitment to rent a bigger home.     How many clients do you expect to see a month?    Is this going to be a casual business?     How long can you survive renting a bigger home

2011-03-22 Home based business:

Ms. Jones.    Do you plan having, to be married couples visit you at your living arrangements, or you visit them at their homes?    Keep the business simple.    When you answer these questions I will be


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