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I am a life coach and dating expert who has helped a countless number of people get everything they want out of life. Through my One-On-One Coaching service, I thoroughly get to know each client so I can help them clarify exactly what they want their life to be. I then create a customized action plan so they can fulfill their every dream. In addition, I offer people emergency dating and relationship advice within 24 hours through my Dating Help Now service. If someone needs help learning how to meet other singles, I go out with them in New York City and give them on-the-spot guidance to help them improve their flirting skills through my Flirt Training sessions. Plus, I help people create online dating profiles that attract the people they want to meet through my Online Dating Consulting service. I also host my own dating advice call-in live television show in New York City (NYC) called “Dating Help 911!™” My dating and career expertise has been featured on Fox News, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, MSN,, AOL’s Popeater,, OK Magazine, and the New York Daily News. I also provide dating and relationship advice to large groups through workshops and classes.

Experience in the area

Since 1997 I have worked with motivated and open-minded people who want to turn their dreams into their reality as quickly as possible while having as much fun as possible.


After I completed my training at coach training alliance I went on to complete the Sagye & Scholars Program for Coaching Singles and the Sage & Scholars Program for Career Coaching. Before that I was a civil litigation attorney in Manhattan for over 10 years.

What do you like about this subject?

It is an honor to help people achieve their goals and to be in the trenches with them. When they achieve their success I am as happy as they are.

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I believe that you are the only person who knows what is best for you and my job is to ask you the right questions so that you can access the information that is already inside of you.

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jessica02/18/08101010Thank you very much, Tracey!
Laurie from Denver02/13/08101010Thanks Tracey - your questions give me .....
lizzie02/12/08101010Thanks for the detailed answer. It makes .....

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2008-02-17 Pls advise me:

Jessica,    Rirst and foremost, I would never use the word lazy to describe you.  you sound like a very hard working young woman who wants to make the career choice that will serve her best in the future

2008-02-12 How to worry less:

Laurie,    Thank you for reaching out to me. I am going to guess that when you think of your ideal life, worrying isn't a part of it.  I am going to guess that in your ideal life, you are a happy woman

2007-10-14 Professional Singing:

Terri,    congratulations on knowing what you want to do with your life at such a young age! that is great!     the first step you may want to take is to figure out your resources.  have you taken lessons?

2007-08-29 Somewhere between a job and my life:

Bushy Tailed Carter,    I am so happy to read that you have all of this in perspective and you are moving along towards following your real dreams.  It sounds like you are paying your dues for now at this

2007-08-27 Somewhere between a job and my life:

Kassidy,    I was struck by how much pressure you feel from your job and you are clearly on an unhealthy path right now.  It sounds to me like you have some choices to make.  But, before you do, may i


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