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Any question conserning badminton is welcome, so go ahead

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I have played badminton since 1988.

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sanam07/13/16101010Thankz a lott sir it is really .....
Anand Pandey06/26/16101010Thank You very much to guide me .....
satyendra k singh03/21/16101010Yeah. I liked her response.
Arindam03/17/15101010Thanks very much
Prashant S Akerkar10/11/13101010Dear Külle Laidmäe Thank you. Thanks & .....

Recent Answers from Külle Laidmäe

2016-07-11 Badminton performance!!:

Hi,    I can only guess why you can't play at your usual level at the competitions - maybe too few competitions? You are just not used to such pressure, not yet.  The best way to overcome this is to compete

2016-06-25 Racket:

Hi    My suggestion is to test both racquets and then choose the one that feels better. If both feel good, then choose the one that looks better (it's a joke, of course).   But, really - it's quite impossible

2016-03-21 service in doubles badminton:

Hi    In this case it is allowed to touch inner line (like it is not a line at all in doubles).  Whether it's ok to serve from the 3rd court - I'll have to ask around. But, who and why would want to do

2016-03-20 service in doubles badminton:

Hi,    Thank you for interesting questions :D You had three questions - I think I understand 2 of them. But please, rephrase 2nd question.  Yes, you can serve from wider court in doubles.  No, you can

2013-10-10 Badminton Serve Rules.:

Hi,    Thank You for a interesting question.  The players are allowed to serve and hit the shuttle with either right or left hand ... as long as the player has one racquet. So - if you feel comfortable


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