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I can help make those dreaded long car, plane, boat, or train rides with children seem a lot shorter. By having different activities to engage children it will help them entertained and give the parents some quiet time. I can give you simple activities for children of all ages. These activities will keep kids busy and cut down on the fighting. That way everyone will be happy and have fun!

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Recent Answers from Laura

2010-10-17 flying with a baby:

Hi Laura   Thanks for the question.    Just make sure you have lots of toys, food, blanket and diapers, etc. for as long as the plane ride is and be prepared for any delays. Before the plane takes off

2009-12-31 Travelling with a 2 yr old:

Hi!    Thanks for the question.     I would get her some new a fascinating toys to bring. This does not mean they have to be expensive. You could even go to your local dollar store and pick up things like

2008-11-03 All Inclusive Resort- Kid Friendly:

Hi Laura   Thanks for the question~     Wow! A trip to the Caribbean sounds like a lot of fun. I have never been to the Caribbean before so unfortunately I am not going to be able to fully answer your

2008-06-29 traveling on a plane with a 1 yr old:

Hi Amy     Thanks for the question     A 6 hour flight ride is going to be long but the best thing to do is to bring tons of things to do.      I would get her some new a fascinating toys to bring. This

2008-06-28 Traveling with a 17 month old.:

   Hi Rebecca     Thanks for the question.    A 13 hour car ride is going to be a long one especially with such a young son. I have traveled with young kids several times so here is what I suggest.  


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