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I can answer most questions about the HIPAA laws (privacy and security)

Experience in the area

I am a HIPAA consultant and have published a book in this area


I am Executive Director of NEBA, a medical billing organization


One of my books published by Pearson Education is, "HIPAA, the Questions You Didn't Know to Ask"


some college..Certified Healthcare Reimburement Specialist, C.H.R.S.

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2016-08-27 HIPAA:

everyone uses HIPAA as an excuse to do or not do something. Suggest you always have her sign as she is able. Not worth fighting as long as you know.    Merry

2016-08-26 HIPAA:

Joyce. They were correct. Thank goodness it wasnt more serious. Be sure that there is always a signed consent on file everywhere you go and keep a copy. Sorry that you had to go through this. So frustrating

2016-05-03 general message on virtual voicemail:

Best thing is to talk to hospital's HIPAA Compliance officer. Perhaps they can give you a designated person that your dad can call.  That is better than they trying to call him especially with the time

2015-08-04 Health Care Billing and Privacy:

If there is,a,drug benefit plan they could find out. But here is an idea. Go to the Dr for the exam. That is being a,responsible woman. Ask for samples or get a written rx and check online for pricing

2014-04-24 Sale of a clinic and pt. records:

I don't usually answer professional questions here. For that, go to Great resource. But here is the scoop. Obviously you need to send all the patients a letter that the practice


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