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Finding a suitable partner in Ukraine. How to pick a good Ukrainian matchmaker? How to write a good introduction letter to a Ukrainian woman? Do Ukrainian mail order brides exist? Is it true that Ukrainian women are the hottest in the Eastern Europe?

Experience in the area

I have been a matchmaker and interpreter for Mordinson Marriage Agency since 1999. We are specializing in high quality introductions and hand pick the ladies who join the agency, this made Mordinson a very successful matchmaker.


A Mordinson Introduction: http://www.mordinson.com


http://www.mordinson.com/warm-stone-finding-marriage-agency.html http://www.mordinson.com/single-no-more.html http://www.mordinson.com/de/ http://www.mordinson.com/soulmate-search-easterneurope-mordinson.html http://www.mordinson.com/what-russian-women-look-for.html http://www.mordinson.com/ukrainian-matchmaking-public-opinion.html http://www.mordinson.com/lifeboat-for-singles.html


Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Kharkov NUA University

Awards and Honors

You can see few of my own appearances on the Ukrainian TV here: http://www.mordinson.com/mordinson-press-media.html

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2011-03-15 Long Distance Relationship WorkOut:

There is an old and very good saying: Let the bird fly away and it returns that it really wants to be with you! Your relationship is going through a rough test, and if your gf doesn't want to continue

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the most valuable thing that we have is our TIME! therefore i would recommend you to ask yourself if you are really prepared and interested in developing this LDR into something more meaningful! and if

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Hey Matthew,    sorry for taking so long to write you back!     it's natural that you are afraid of hurting your gf by saying that you are not ready for marriage, but you really should do that because

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Kelly,    It deepends on how much commitment there is on both sides!!! Unlike normal relationship LDR lacks frequent physical contact and therefore it's harder to keep it alive! But if it's something you

2010-11-26 when long distance relation gets bored:

One thing you have to keep in mind is that LDR must resolve into relationship in which you and your gf are actually physically together most of the time! even strongest feelings are likely to fade away


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