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Can tackle queries pertaining to relationship with in-laws especially in cases of love marriages, where both partners belong to different cultures or backgrounds or social strata or castes or countries.

Experience in the area

20 years of married life, cross cultural experience, in India.


Masters in Business Administration

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Love for one's parents comes so naturally but if you could equally be devoted to your spouse's parents, it does wonders for your marriage.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

"WHY SHOULD I?", yes that is the basic question. But ask yourself why should you not? Does a little care and concern cost much?

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Akki07/04/16101010Thanks Again!
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Akki04/17/15101010Thanks Vani :)
Akki03/28/15101010Thanks Vani :)
Neha 03/19/151010Thanks a lot for the advice. I'd .....

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2015-10-26 my mother:

Hi Imani,    What you did and said was totally justified and logical. If she wanted you and your daughter to come over, she cannot expect you to make compromises. She wanted to provide you support and

2015-03-17 confused about in law's behaviour:

Hi Neha,    Do you stay in a joint family with your inlaws? If not, then tell them you performed the Pooja and there is absolutely no harm in lying a bit if it keeps them happy, and you too. If they live

2015-02-28 In-law help!:

Hey Jared,    Your concern is totally justified and logical. It doesn't seem to be a single incident. Her mother could be doing it pretty often. Start observing her from now on, be on the look out. There

2014-12-10 moving back to india:

Hi,    Sorry for the delay in replying to you. No, the idea of a maid will surely backfire and irritate them more. If they know the facts and details of your return, next time the first sentence you say

2014-12-08 moving back to india:

Hello V,    Since both of you do not want to move back just yet, next phone call ask your husband to tell his parents/sisters that you will return back to India in Dec 2015. Specify that he is in the middle


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