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I can answer you questions clearly and straight. Let me help you get your in-law relationships figured out. They can really be challenging

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I meet weekly with families that have in-law challenges.




B.A. M.S. Marriage & Family Therapy; Ph.D. Psychology

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2015-09-10 Mother inlaw problem:

Wendy,    Why do you put so much energy into what your MIL thinks about you or does? My suggestion is that you stop focusing on her and focus your energies on your husband and immediate family and friends

2014-10-07 live-in inlaws, how to deal with them respectfully when its difficult:

Ashley,    I really think that you shouldn't be the one dealing with them. It should be your husband or your in-laws. It is not reasonable for you to have to be the only one dealing with this behavior

2014-10-03 Question pool:

I wasn't going to be able to answer in a timely manner. I wanted it to be answered so that is why I sent it to the question pool. In short I would suggest you stop contact with your family in-laws as they

2014-10-02 brothers wife and birthdays:

Jackie,  I think you need to determine what level of connection you want with this person. I don't like obligation, but sometimes it is necessary to keep maintain certain relationships. If this is not

2014-03-17 Future Sister-Inlaw:

Brooke,    The right thing to do is keep your friendship and ignore your brothers current GF. It seems very immature of your brother and his GF to state you can't come to a wedding because they don't like


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