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Genealogy--questions pertaining to Ohio and Northeast U. S., and general research. Also an honors graduate in early U.S. history.

Experience in the area

I have 20 years experience in genealogical/historical research. I have done extended research projects for clients. I took first place in the 2012 Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly writing competition, and write a regular column for the Ohio Genealogy News called "The Bigger Picture," which is about using historical research in genealogy.


Ohio Genealogical Society; Trumbull County Genealogical Society.


Please see above.


B. A., early American History; Master of Education, plus further post-graduate work, and a great deal of self-education.

Awards and Honors

Please see above.

Past/Present Clients

Most clients have been guaranteed privacy. William G. Abell, Jr., of Warren, Ohio has given me permission to use his name. It was the story of his family that won the writing competition.

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Lisa--Thanks for writing. As a genealogist I would never counsel someone to give up the search, but as a realist I know that some information will never be found. My search for grandparents is a good example

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Hi, Lucy. I'm glad to hear you're interested in genealogy. It's a fascinating and rewarding field of study; but let me caution you that it can result in frustration. Some questions are very difficult to

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Kris,    In order for me to do anything, I am going to need more information: names and dates of other people that will help me put Charles in some kind of context. Also, none of your FamilySearch links

2013-02-19 family mystery:

Eleanor--Edmund certainly sounds like the kind of guy who doesn't want to be found, which means you may never find him (although I would never suggest giving up the hunt). He could have changed his name


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