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I can help with the following: How to get started with family research. Resources on the internet to help with research.

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I have been researching my own family history for several years. My focus has primarily been in Pennsylvania, but have also done research on family from New York, Canada, Ireland, Germany, and the Ukraine.


Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania


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2017-02-28 finding Gramps:

It is a strange story.  The US did not have much of any immigration controls until the 1890's so your ancestor had no reason to jump ship. If he was only 10 years old when he came to the US, he may have

2016-01-04 Locating Addresses:

Hello,    If you are looking for someone currently living, there are lots of people finder web  sites. and are two good places to start.  Both sites list far more than people with

2015-12-26 Croatia:

Hello,    There is a town named Donja Velika near Zagreb in Croatia.  There is also a Belovar neighborhood in Zagreb.  You can view Donja Velika on Google Maps:

2015-05-31 How to confirm a census record is that of your ancestor:

Census records by themselves are difficult to confirm conclusively.  You have to look at other records to get a better idea.  But even then, there is no certainly, only a higher or lower level of confidence

2014-09-28 Family Tree Template:

It is rather difficult to use a pre-printed template for descendants because you have issues like multiple marriages or differing numbers of children that make any standard template insufficient.  Typically


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