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Please note, after years of providing free advice, I now require a donation (the amount is up to you) prior to answering your question. I appreciate your understanding that my time is valuable and that I am a very skilled therapist. Please take your time to review my ratings. I am a relationship therapist and have worked in this area for the past 22+ years. If you are having difficulty in your current relationship, or are wanting to get into a relationship, don`t know how to get your point across, feel unheard, insecure, confused, etc. then I can help you.

Experience in the area

Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and 22+ years counselling experience with individuals, couples, and families. I have also taught at a community college in my hometown. I currently work in the public mental health system and have a private practice where individuals see me in person. My fee for that service is $120/hr.


Canadian Psychological Association.


Masters Degree Counselling Psychology
Bachelor of Arts- Psychology

Past/Present Clients

I have worked with well over 2000 clients. My work with them is confidential and none will ever be named. They come from all walks of life from the young person living on the streets to the actor seen regularly on television. All are unique and have something wonderful to bring to the counselling process.

What do you like about this subject?

Counselling comes as natural to me as breathing. I recall as a young girl in elementary school that my friends would come to me with their problems. I knew that I wanted to be a counseller "when I grew up" and have loved (almost) every day of it!

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