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Mark Mok


I can help those who need to buy from China on manufacturer sourcing, factory audit, price negotiation, quality control, money safe, China travel and logistics, ect.

Experience in the area

I work as a product sourcing manager for more than 5 years and have experience in area of international trade of around 16 years.


PT5 Sourcing Management


Graduated from Tianjin University of Finance and Economy in 1992.

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2014-05-21 Importing hello kitty shoes from china:

Hi Amy,    If the license is valid, then there should be ok.     The problem is, some Chinese suppliers are not authorized but use expired/fake certificates. It's better you ask for their license details

2014-02-10 Sourcing from China/Asia:

Hi    For sure quotation of 100,000 units should be better than the one of 10,000 units. The difficulty is, many buyers are used to set a high volume to test the best price that makes the factories more

2013-08-20 MADE IN label:

Hi Jolene,    I found I didn't express clear enough on the cost I meant.     For example, we can devide the total cost of the goods into two parts: a part of cost made in china let's say Part A, a part

2013-08-13 Manufacturer insurance - URGENT:

Hi Sam,    It's always a good test if the first time you order at the minimum, because anything could happen when you work with a new supplier.    Due to the small amount of the trial order, normally the

2013-07-28 MADE IN label:

Hi Jolene,    Sorry I was in holidays and forgot to close questions on AllExperts.    Clearly anything exported from China is required to have the label "Made in China".    You can change it to "Made in


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