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I can answer questions about how to move on with your life, what sort of things to do to help you move forward, how to deal with offhand remarks such as it will get better with time, you may meet someone new in time I am not sure what I cannot answer because usually something occurs to me that will suffice as a satisfactory answer

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I took a course through the VON for couselling and am also doing grief counselling






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Sara12/13/13101010Thank you :)
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2014-05-27 How do I help him cope??:

Hello Alison... I apologise for the delay in anwering your question... I am having major computer issues but hopefully it will last long enough so I can send a reply... Christoph is feeling major guilt

2014-05-08 sad after 17 years:

Hello Irene... it sounds as though you had a very special relationship with your husband... you were with him while he was very ill... he was your whole life for awhile and when that was taken away you

2013-12-19 dying son:

Hi Donna... you must have had a very good reason for giving your son up for adoption... It seems as though you made contact with him before he reached his dying days... Stop feeling guilty... you did what

2013-12-13 How to help my fiance with the loss of his father?:

Hi Sara... it sounds as though your fiance is having issues coming to terms with the loss of a father that was not a very nice person... He is probably feeling a lot of mixed up emotions...It was very

2013-10-28 55 yr old mother dying of esophageal cancer:

Hi Melaine,   You are having a very difficult time... it is good of you to reach out and get some help... Do you remember when you were a smoker  and how much you craved a cigarette??  How that seemed


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