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i am in the field of self-improvement, hypnosis, natural treatment of simple disorders etc for the past 30 years.(age 69). Retd. Engineer and well-settled in life with good coping skills

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have been advising students and engineers for the past 30 years in career advancement, self-care and help and troubleshooting. very successful, as per the feedback.


secretary of Carnatic Hypnotists circle.
member of NatureCure Society.
Advanced Pranic Healer


Engineering, Management Degree from British institute of Management.London.

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2015-12-29 need help:

the trouble is with both of you. yes, mils some times try to rub in that they know everything. but you have an option NOT to affect you. pl remember that events do not have any impact unless your mind

2015-05-06 self-esteem:

sorry for the delay in answering. was out of town.  if taking medicines for 12 years has not done you any good it is high time you changed the doctor and medicine.  the only things that improves the quality

2014-10-29 self-esteem issue:

first, i dont know your age. the need to be appreciated is universal but this is not done only by looking at you or acknowledging your presence. it is only when you get to know the person and he/she appreciates

2014-08-25 How to help my fiance?:

for depression, the starting point where the self-drive is missing is Medicine. got to see a psychiatrist first. the basic psychology does not work well in such depressive bouts. he needs to lead an active

2014-04-04 How do I increase my willpower?:

your preparation depends on factors like your memory capacity, speed, retention, attention to details etc. all students  are not created equal so you need to assess yourself objectively and by comparison


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