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Zorka Hereford


I can answer questions pertaining to a healthy self-concept, personal development and how to think critically about your life choices.

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I've written a book "9 Essential Life Skills - A Guide for Personal Development and Self-Realization". I worked a combined twenty years for a top financial institution and a number one communications company where I acquired excellent leadership and training and development skills.


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Visit my website at to read my many personal development articles.


I've obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree with studies in philosophy and psychology as well as a college Business Management Diploma.

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2016-07-24 Is this OK?:

Hi Bud,    Since you don't mention a particular problem, and since this is a Self-Esteem category and therefore slightly off topic, all I can do is give you my opinion.    If you are content and relatively

2016-04-05 Self-esteem issues:

Hi Greg,    I don't know what you mean when you say you can't take it when you see girls jogging or walking in high heat or cold weather. Do you mean you can't tolerate extreme weather?     If that's the

2016-03-17 Dealing with rejection:

The only way to move on is how I've already stated:    "They only way you can stop any self-defeating behaviour is to practice, practice, practice! Do whatever you can to avoid putting yourself in such

2016-03-16 Dealing with rejection:

Hi Steve,    I can certainly understand your anger and frustration over being used. Unfortunately, there are some people who are only interested in getting what they want with no consideration or regard

2016-03-16 Dealing with rejection:

Hi Steve,    I believe you hit the nail on the head when you say, "I guess I come across as needy and desperate." Unfortunately, most people want to run when they encounter someone who comes across that


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