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I answer a variety of MIDI & computer related questions. I have multiple music degrees and years of experience in the field.

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15 years professional experience.



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To appreciate something you must first understand it. If a style of music has not yet lost grasp of your interest or preference, try getting a deeper understanding of its meaning and purpose. This may find you with the freedom to appreciate and enjoy more styles of music than you thought was possible.

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2014-09-13 Garage Band:

You cannot import a protected iTunes song into a GarageBand project. However, if a song does not have DRM, then select the song in iTunes, choose "Show in Finder" from File menu, then drag the file into

2014-07-07 help:

"Regular keyboards" can refer to any type of keyboard. MIDI controllers, yes, you can change notes on any tracks via MIDI-capable DAW software. A synthesizer may or may not be a keyboard. It may imitate

2013-09-20 FL studio:

I have not used Fruity Loops / FL Studio, although several DAWs share characteristics with one another. Your message was a bit vague. If you'd like for me to attempt to help, please provide more details

2013-05-13 MIDI file standards:

I do not have enough detailed information to properly answer your question, however, I can provide some insight in response to some of the subjects that you mentioned in your message. With exception to

2012-12-30 Algorithmic music:

Hi Dave,    Due to the countless ways of creating that type of music, there is no way to list those possibilities. It depends on the composer's intentions, tools, software, background, and so on. Different


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