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I can answer your questions about Buescher trumpets and cornets. I have been playing Buescher for 35 years and collecting for 7.

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I first started playing my grandfather's Buescher 400 trumpet in 1975. Since then I have done a lot of research, including original catalogs and advertisements that I own, correspondence with other Buescher owners, and obtaining my own Buescher collection, including six trumpets and three cornets.


I am a technical writer with 15 years experience. I have also been playing trumpet since 1975 and collecting Buescher for the past 7 years.

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Kath08/18/16101010Thanks for that.
Greg08/17/16101010Thanks Mr. Krueger - I appreciate your .....

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2017-02-06 Getzen Proteus trumpet:

I can't realy give you an exact number. You might start with half of what the current retail cost is, and then look at completed eBay auctions for selling prices, comparing the condition of your horn to

2016-12-03 cornet:

Noblet brass instruments are very rare sp giving you a value is nearly impossible... but it's not worthless by any means.    The 7, 8, 9 on the valves are sequence numbers. French practice is to make 33

2016-09-29 coronet:

Your Buescher Model 275 "The 400" was made near the beginning of 1949. If the case has the cream exterior and the pinkish leather trim, it is quite rare, but this does not affect the value.    The "rusted"

2016-09-25 Trumpet:

Your Buescher Aristocrat is B-flat. It was made in Elhkart Indiana but it's unclear whether it was made in the old Buescher plant or in the Selmer plant.     As for when, mid-to-late 1960s is the best

2016-08-18 Trumpet age and value:

That particular trumpet was made some few years ago in China and sold for a discount. Compared to the classic instruments from the thirties through the 70s, it has about no value. You might get $50 for


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