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All questions are important, I have over 30 years of personal experience with alcoholism and recovery issues. Advanced Counsellor Training / Experience with treatment and AA.

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Over 30 years of recovery from alcoholism. Counsellor in an alcohol outpatient office. Experience as client and as counsellor in treatment center.


Advanced counsellor certificate, Melbourne ORYGEN Research Centre volunteer consultant

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AADAC volunteer award

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2017-03-19 College or Alcoholism?:

Hi Natasha,    Your boyfriend seems to have all kinds of problems some of which may  be due to alcohol addiction or at least drinking is preventing him from  any possible recovery. Dealing with or solving

2017-02-20 Sudden intolerance to alcohol after a period of cessation.:

It sounds like the alcohol is having some ill effects on your stomach lining  or even possibly your pancreas. Binge drinking can gradually have bad effects  which can make you more sensitive over time

2016-12-11 Should I be worried about my boyfriend's drinking?:

Hello Minnie,    I understand your concern with your boyfriends drinking habits.  Many people start out drinking because it feels good or helps  them deal with difficult emotions. This self-medication

2016-07-01 How to quit?:

Good day Ella,    Often we do things to comfort ourselves and these things such as smoking or alcohol become our substitute for feeling our very human feelings. The pain is part of living and personal

2016-03-27 Less desire?:

There is some relationship between your excessive use of alcohol and your mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Recovery from addictions involves growth in these 3 areas of being.    As you mature in


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