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Auto insurance claims regarding vehicle accidents, insurance coverages, auto policies, bodily injury claims, pain and suffering, injury settlements and negotiations.

Experience in the area

I am an adjuster for injury claims and property damage claims for over 5 years (still working there). I have worked for personal injury attorneys helping consumers get a fair treatment and I am passionate to help others with their vehicle accidents.


B.A. Economics/ Political Science

Awards and Honors

I was the top settling claims adjuster at the Insurance Company that I worked for.
I am the co writer of a website dedicated to help consumers document their auto claims and navigate the complex claim process.

Past/Present Clients

I work with injury lawyers working on high dollar settlements and jury awards for pain and suffering see: Spokane Law Office.

What do you like about this subject?

I like the negotiation and the dispute resolution aspect of claims. In many occasions, the answer is simpler than insurance companies make it out to be. Creative thinking can really create a win win situation for everyone. I like the challenge.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I like to help consumers with their claims. There are many claims out there are not worth pursuing for an attorney, however, consumers get the short end of the stick when dealing with insurance companies. I like to educate consumers to help them document their own claims.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Most insurance companies make their money in the stock market. Once their investments go bad, they raise premiums, then they blame injury lawyers.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Many claim adjusters are aggressive and argue to protect the pocket of the insurance company. In reality (legally), they have an affirmative duty to their insured and must do everything in their power to do what is in the best interest of the insured. If they don't do this, then they should get suit for bad faith.

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2016-06-28 Deductible d4:

Hello Paula,     You must check the policy. It is often the case that it is waived in that situation, but the correct answer is right in your policy.     Also, it should the at fault policy that pays,

2015-10-24 Problem with getting a good insurance.:

Hello Matt,     There are other alternatives. It depends on your state, of course. Don't let broker tell you that is the best they can do. Look at every insurance quote you can. It is about the only way

2013-12-29 Pedestrian Accident:

Hello there,     I am sorry to hear about your injury and the entire accident. I guess than in a positive note, one, he was insured, and you had a witness. So that is great.    I would like to caution

2013-10-17 Car rear ended!:

Hello Angel,     That does not seem reasonable. How hard was the impact? How did the bumper got damaged the first time? Do you have an estimate for the damage the first time?    If you did, then you can

2013-08-13 full coverage 20/40 car insurance:

Hello, you "should" be covered. But there will be an investigation.     1. very close to the time you full coverage. An adjuster will have to look a that.   2. Why are you not driving your car   3. Reason


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