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I may be able to help you with just about anything to do with creative writing.

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My name is Grant Hudson and I'm the founder of the Inner Circle Writers' Group. Essentially, anything to do with writing has always fascinated me and for many years I have either been a writer or taught writing skills as both teacher and private mentor, as well as informally. Whether you are a student seeking help with essays for school, or a writer looking for somewhere safe to review your work, or someone who just wants to know the secrets of the greatest authors through the centuries, I may have something for you.


Inner Circle Writers' Group


B.A. (Hons.) in English Literature

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marriam01/22/141010Thank you 4 your advice :)
Luke05/26/13101010Thank you!
Luke05/20/13101010Yes, it helps. Thank you very much!

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2014-08-30 increase:

It depends what kind of creativity you would like to increase.    If you want to lead a more creative life, but find yourself stuck in a dull routine, there are ways you can break out and set up a lifestyle

2014-01-20 help!:

This is actually quite good. Couple of spelling errors ("Compered" for "Compared" for example) but otherwise you captivated my attention. The last word will throw people off as it's virtually unpronouncable

2013-04-27 >Youth<:

Well, it won't be easy but my advice is to try to make five points against the premise, along the lines of:    1. Generalising that 'youth' is all motivated in the same way is just that: a generalisation

2011-05-03 English.:

My best tip on this would be to come up with two contrasting things -things which normally have nothing to do with each other- and then string them together creatively.    For example, bananas and a park

2010-04-18 Introduction:

You could start with something like:    "Can a Woman be a Soldier?"    Or, if you wanted to be harder-hitting:    "Can Women be Trained to Kill?"    Or develop something along the lines of:    "Women on


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