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I have developed a database of High Performance Techniques and Methods. The techniques and methods can often lead to better products and processes in terms of higher performance, faster more efficient systems, lower costs, and faster development. They apply to both home and office needs. I can usually suggest techniques or methods from my database for you to consider that may significantly improve a product or the performance of a process or lead to a new invention.

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Hello,  I would talk about forensics for zombies or vampires or the forensics of the future.  If you talk about forensics for zombies or vampires, relate it to the differences between the forensics for

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VOON,  I suggest you try these:    GOOGLE: beautiful sentences   GOOGLE: beautiful sentences Shakespeare lines-

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I would suggest:  Orthogonal Operation  Think about what is sad, heartbreaking, hurtful, etc. Then think about how you overcome those things to achieve happiness. Use that as a basis for writing.    Consult

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 I have been on vacation.    Title  The title should be descriptive of what  the book is about. It should be something that resonates with the people you want to attract. Short and sweet is usually best


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