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Questions related to the business and production of movies, especially independent feature and short films, including screenwriting questions.
Purely technical questions will be rejected, but possibly passed onto the main question pool.

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Motion Picture Writer, Director and Producer.
Sundance Institute Lab Finalist.
Production and Entertainment Career Consultant (actors, writers, directors, below-the-line crew), Motivational Speaker and Panelist.


Writer's Guild of America
FILM: Independent
Women in Film


New York University Tisch School of the Arts

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Stephen09/25/08101010Very thorough answer! Much appreciated!

Recent Answers from Hyunjin Jo

2012-05-23 English Movies on Shakespeare's Stories:

Hi Prashant,    Yes, of course.    Since you seem to like wikipedia, the list of all the Shakespeare film and TV productions can be found on wikipedia page below:

2009-09-14 pitching production companies:

Hi Chris,  From your question, it's not clear that you understand the "pitching" concept in its entirely.    "Pitching" refers to an idea or concept that has not been created.    In "Hollywood" there are

2008-09-25 Applying to Film Programs without a Portfolio:

Hi Stephen,    Having some kind of video/film reel (aka "portfolio") always helps.  However, because of the many financial limitations on equipment, expenses etc., a full bodied reel is usually not expected

2008-06-25 short films Digital Vs. 35mm:

Hi Luis,    Regarding film festivals, the main issue is that DIGITAL PROJECTORS are still quite expensive and because of this, many film festivals don't own or don't have a digital project to use to screen

2007-12-16 Short Films:

Hi Jason,    TV is the first distributor that come to mind.    Pay cable channels, such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc., purchase shorts to fill in the time between feature movies--in order for the feature


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