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I`ve been involved in the technical aspects of the motion picture industry for the past 35 years. In 2007 I received a Scientific/Technical Academy Award for my contribution to archival film preservation.

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In late 2008, I retired from managing a small motion picture film laboratory in Hollywood, California. I have broad experience in many technical aspects of the motion picture business. I have worked as an animation cameraman, production manager, optical printing foreman, still photographer, color timer, sensitometry control foreman, video engineer, customer service foreman, analytical chemist, director of quality control.

Member, Society of Motion Picture/Television Engineers - Member, American Radio Relay League - Member, Quarter Century Wireless Assn. - President, Zen Nippon Airinkai, So Cal Chapter - Member, Maltose Falcons Homebrewing Society - Alumni, American Brewers' Guild


UC Davis, BS Zoology

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Recent Answers from Chris Bushman

2016-04-29 Film making evolution:

The complete answer would fill a book, Kayla.    Just think, when you are my age, you can tell your kids that you were around when movies were actually on film and got projected on big film projectors

2015-03-14 What can I do?:

Huge question, Joseph, but let me give you a couple of tips.    Get all the education you can.  You may have no idea how you might use it in the future.  I studied Zoology in College but it came in handy

2013-12-17 Has CGI gone too far:

CGI is just another cool tool to put into the toolkit of movie making.  In the history of the movies there have been many cool tools like; glass matte paintings, blue/green screen, traveling mattes, models

2013-07-05 Question on Movies:

Actually, Mahabir, Pirates of Caribbean in 2007 cost $300 million.    The lead character (Johnny Depp) got $53 million for the 2011 version of Pirates.  Leading men who are great actors command a huge

2013-03-11 Conversion Process from Black & White Movies to Color Motion Pictures.:

I'm not an advocate of colorizing movies.    Color can be a creative tool as can BW.  Sometimes color can be an unnecessary distraction from the creative intent.  BW is not necessarily bad and color is


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