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José Luis Vázquez Coriano


Video Production, Broadcast Production, Television, Promotions, copywriting, creative and entertainment management. Film Making. Screenwriting & Television production professor.

Experience in the area

Extensive background as a Producer, creative, television, video production, broadcasting and entertainment media.


PR Film co. International creative assoc. ADTV


Film Industry. Production


Own Creative Services & Production Co. Television and a promotion consultant for television stations and advertising companies.

Awards and Honors

2004 PRTV Producer Award ADTV Co. 2000

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Recent Answers from José Luis Vázquez Coriano

2007-07-31 Scheduling:

Usually a script page is 1 Minute film duration. But there is no "standard" time of how many pages of a script can you shoot in a day or a specific time period.   A shooting schedule will depend on many

2007-07-26 Video Camera?:

If you want the "filmlook' use a 35 film camera. But be prepare or high co$t of lighting, filming and develop film.     Nowadays almost every filmmaker is experimenting with video filmlook cameras. Almost

2007-07-25 MiniDV Master:

Always use a new tape (master). Use a "next to time" or project tape" (movie 50min.  use a 60 min. tape, movie 80 min. use a 90 minutes tape) Always record BLACK on the entire brand new tape and transfer

2007-07-18 Film Production:

A production budget usually is set global. Productions companies set divisions for pre-pro and post. Usually about 60% is set for the pre production. (including contracts, permits, rentals, payroll etc

2007-05-04 copyrights & music:

If this film would be presented to an audience or a Festival you need to get copyright music. You can find Royalty free production libraries, that means you pay once for the music rights. (www.cssmusic


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