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I can answer whatever questions you ask except how to trisect an angle. The ones I can answer include constructing parallel lines, dividing a line into n sections, bisecting an angle, splitting an angle in half, and almost anything else that is done in geometry.

Experience in the area

I have been assisting people in Geometry since the 80's.


I have an MS at Oregon State and a BS at Oregon State, both with honors.

Awards and Honors

I was the outstanding student in high school in the area of geometry and math in general.

Past/Present Clients

Over 8,500 people, mostly in math, with almost 450 in geometry.

What do you like about this subject?

It is an area of mathematics that I sometimes think is acute area to work with. My knowledge of it is quite obtuse. I bisect the questions down until I can answer each piece. Sometimes I go and use the complement to the question to get them right.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to offer assistance to several people, including you ... that's why you're reading this, correct? I won't say I always give the "right" answer, for that just describes an angle, but most are "correct".

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There are the same number of π radians in a circle as there are eggs most have for breakfast: 2. π almost looks like a profile of a pie ... you know, two sides and a top that overlaps the edges.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Many people have said geometry, but who have you heard say, "Gee, I'm a tree" ... We may think about the circle found in a trunk and measure the angles, but the relation stops there.

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Crystal 02/04/15101010Thank you my daughter was right
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Recent Answers from Scott A Wilson

2016-11-20 Math Project Help:

Euler's formula was for complex numbers of the form x = a + bi,   where i=√(-1) and x is in radians.    The formula is in exponential and trigonometric notation.  It is e^(ix) = cos(x) + i*sin(x)

2016-11-02 Slope angle of a hexagonal prism:

Sorry about the delay, but my computer failed, so I had to get a new one.    Let's draw a graph such that the x-axis is on the bottom hexagon, one corner to an opposite corner.  Since they are all equal

2016-02-09 Help:

As stated, we have a semicircle at either end.  As also mentioned, these combine to form a circle.    What's left in between these two semicircles is a rectangle.  It can be seen that the width 3.5+3.5=7

2015-06-15 Angles:

I know of no calculator to do this, but what I can say is that the size of angles in a triangle add to 180.  This means if you know angle A and B, angle is found as 180 - A - B.    If we have a right

2015-02-04 geometry:

Note that a 30-60-90 triangle is half of a triangle with equal angles and sides.  This makes the hypotenuse one of the sides of the triangle with the shorter leg as one of the sides.  Since that leg is


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