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Any algebraic question you've got. That includes question that are linear, quadratic, exponential, etc.

Experience in the area

I have solved story problems, linear equations, parabolic equations. I have also solved some 3rd order equations and equations with multiple variables.


Documents at Boeing in assistance on the manufacturiing floor.


MS at math OSU in mathematics at OSU, 1986. BS at OSU in mathematical sciences (math, statistics, computer science), 1984.

Awards and Honors

Both my BS and MS degrees were given with honors.

Past/Present Clients

Students in a wide variety of areas since the 80's; over 1,000 of them have been in algebra.

What do you like about this subject?

I like that the solutions are either right or wrong. I also like the fact that they are easy to get to in most cases.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Well, I know expansions to (a+b)^2, (a+b)^3, (a+b)^4, (a+b)^5, and (a+b)^6, but that is only the start. I desire to know even more on pi than only 60 places, more on root two two ten places, more than 2^10= 1,024, 2^20 = 1,048,576, or 2^30 = 1,073,741,834, more that e = 2,71828182845905... etc.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Did you know that parabolas have zero, one, or two solutions? Of course, you most likely will know this after taking it awhile.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Some say 1/0 is meaningless, but others say that its infinity.

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Prashant S Akerkar 07/29/16101010Dear Prof Scott Thanks. Prashant
Prashant S Akerkar03/10/16101010Dear Prof Scott Thanks. Thanks & Regards .....
Prashant S Akerkar 03/10/16101010Dear Prof Scott Thanks. Thanks & Regards .....
Chris02/02/16101010This guy knows his stuff! Congrats! Chris

Recent Answers from Scott A Wilson

2016-10-22 Algebra-Compound Inequalities:

An inequality is written if one side is known to be less than the other.    For example, 1<3, which is read as, "one is less than three."    To see this, subtract 1 from both sides and you get 0 < 2,

2016-09-18 Finding y-intercept of quadratic without knowing equation:

Once we know the parabola in the form of y = ax˛ + bx + c, it can be done.  The y intercept is found by putting x=0, and the result is y = c.    To get these points, take the values as (x1,y1), (x2,y2)

2016-07-25 Two candidates having same number of votes.:

Yes, it is possible.  However, it is not very likely.  I'll assume that the election has a 50-50 chance of voting for two choices.    Let's suppose that only 20 people voted on something.    To get the

2016-05-19 Problem of advance functional analysis:

Any number in the complex number system can be expressed as a+bi.  If we take the inverse of a+bi we get 1/(a+bi).    If this is multiplied in the numerator and denominator by a-bi, the result is   (a-bi)/[(a+bi)(a-bi)]

2016-04-28 Rearrange equation:

If the current close is close to the lowest low when compared to how close the highest high is to the lowest low, the percentage will be low.  Since I don't believe the current close can exceed the highest


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