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Frederick Koh


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I can answer questions concerning calculus, complex numbers, vectors, statistics , algebra and trigonometry for the O level, A level and 1st/2nd year college math/engineering student.

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More than 7 years of experience helping out in various homework forums. Latest presence is over at You can also visit my main maths website where I have designed "question locker" vaults to store tons of fully worked math problems. A second one is currently being built. Peace.


IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers )


Former straight As A level student from HCJC (aka HCI); scored distinctions in both C and Further Mathematics B Eng (Hons) From The National University Of Singapore (NUS) B Sc (Hons) From University of London External (Grad Route)

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2016-11-18 Algebra:

Hi Jimmy,          The problem you suggested is rather interesting. Trying to crack things apart by brute force manipulation will probably not get you anywhere since it involves both conventional algebraic

2015-11-22 Algebra:

[(y^ 1/2)/(x^ 3/4) - (x^ 5/4)/(y^ 3/2)]^4    = {(y-x^2)/ [(x^ 3/4)(y^ 3/2)] }^4       (Combine both terms to achieve a common denominator)    = (y-x^2)^4 * 1/[(x^ 3/4)(y^ 3/2)] }^4      = (y-x^2)^4 * 1/[(x^

2014-09-22 Algebra II/ Trig Honors word problem:

Total amount of gold in all 5 rings = 90/100 * 18 * 5 =81 g    Total amount of silver in all 5 rings = 10/100 * 18 * 5 =9 g    Let the required amount of silver to be added to dilute the gold content to

2014-01-30 factorisation:

Typically, if you are required to discover the roots of a cubic equation via factorization, the equation would be designed such that the student can at least discover a root via trial and error. Such a

2014-01-30 factorisation:

Factor theorem can be used to solve this.    If we substitute x= 2/3 into 18x^(3) - 33x^(2) + 5x + 6,    we get 18*(8/27) - 33* (4/9) +10/3 +6 = 16/3 - 44/3 +10/3 +6 = 0    Hence, 3x-2 is a factor of the


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