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Any questions on High School Algebra, College Algebra, Abstract Algebra. I can help with word problems, solving equations, trigonometry, inequalities, Gaussian Elimination, Linear Algebra, groups, fields, you name it!

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Ph.D. in Mathematics, specialist in Algebra. I have taught High School students and college students at three state universities.


Mathematical Association of America. American Mathematical Society.


Regular contributions to the problems section of the American Mathematical Monthly journal.


B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

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Recent Answers from Socrates

2017-03-23 Solution to an equation:

The only integer solutions are a=1,b=1 and a=0, b=0.    Here is why    ab=1/2 (a+b)    2ab=a+b    2ab-b = a    b(2a-1) = a    b = a/(2a-1)      This shows that there are infinitely many solutions if we

2017-03-08 Maths:

Pi times the diameter is the circumference.      The circumference is thus   3.14259 x 66 = 207.345 cm    So each revolution the cyclist travels 207.345 cm    After 250 revolutions , the cyclist has traveled

2016-08-09 A question about proofs in college algebra:

The flaw is in the hidden assumption that the least such n is 3 or greater. In fact , the least such n is n = 2    If you try to carry out the argument with only two elements in S , Ti and Tj won't have

2015-11-27 logarithm base 2:

You can't give an exact value for   log2 (1,000,000) using decimals or fractions because it's an irrational number.  You can use the rules for logarithms to simplify it and then use a calculator.     1

2015-03-12 Mathematics:

You need the square roots of 3-2i and -2+i.    I will find the roots of 3-2i, then leave the roots of -2+i to you.      (a+bi) = 3-2i    a - b + 2abi = 3-2i    a - b = 3    2ab = -2      b = -1/a


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