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Prashant S Akerkar 03/20/17101010Dear Prof Richard Thanks. Prashant
Prashant S Akerkar 03/20/17101010Dear Prof Richard Thanks. Prashant
JohnnyX08/25/16101010Partially thanks for that!
JohnnyX08/22/16101010Finally, I understand! Thanks for your enormous .....
Prashant S Akerkar03/09/16101010Dear Prof Richard Thanks. Thanks & Regards .....

Recent Answers from Richard J. Raridon

2016-02-05 help:

An algebraic expression is called a monomial if it has only one term, such as -3x or 7xy/9.  Two terms are called a binomial and three terms trinomial.  Beyond that it's a polynomial. I've been doing algebra

2015-12-06 equations:

First, divide each equation by 5 to get -19A+4B= 8 and -4A-19B =20.   Multiply the first equation by 19 to get -361A+76B = 15  Multiply the second equation by 4 to get  -16A-76B = 80  Add those two to

2015-07-22 Multiplying negative and positive variables...:

No, b^2 and -b^2 are not the same.  with (-b^2)(a) you're not squaring -b, as I indicated previously, that would be (-b)^2  In your last statement, a does not become a negative value.  It's like -(a)b^2

2015-07-22 Multiplying negative and positive variables...:

Your answer -k^2a makes it look like 2a is the exponent whereas a multiplies the quantity -k^2. (-k^2)(a) is equivalent to (-ak^2).  In your example, b^2 is 9 in both cases.  If it had been (-b)^2 then

2015-06-11 "Magic Pentagon":

I'm also Ricardo - Richard  I solved it for 14 in a few minutes.  First, I recognized that the big numbers had to be in the middles and not at the corners.  10 can only be paired with 1 & 3 so that gives


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